Commentary is a long standing practice that’s present within each and every sport. What started in boxing during the late 1930’s, continues to thrive today, especially in gaming. Commentary strives to bring flavor and soul to the ebb and flow of a game that you’re watching, each hit, each tower taken, and each crazy clip is forever enhanced by the commentary that goes with it.


Think back to a lot of iconic gaming moments, aside from the play, you would normally remember what the casters were exclaiming as one of the first things of note. Take for example, “Lakad Matatag!” an iconic line from Filipino dota 2 casters Dunoo and Marlon that was cemented into Dota history. When OG gaming used its chat wheel emote to boost their morale, ultimately helping them win The International, the call was elevated into legendary status as a tool that actually evened the odds for OG. The correct calls from the casters can elevate a play, give flavor to a stream, as well as burn memories of gaming moments into the minds of players and viewers alike.


The Philippines is home to many gaming talents from across all genres and platforms, and our shoutcasters are no exception. We’ve mentioned the dota 2 shoutcasting duo, Dunoo and Lon, and joining their ranks are DrJimmy for the FGC, TDZ and Midnight for MLBB. Their talents are what’s responsible for giving us entertainment, insight, and memories in our gaming lives. And this Saturday May 21, join in our Walkthrough 2022 as our speakers enlighten you on the profession in commentaries, featuring Eugene “Dash” Esteban and John “johnxfire” Nathan Fernandez.