The recently released New World MMORPG has attracted millions of players globally, despite releasing without SEA servers. Currently, 2 weeks from its release on September 28th, it has had 913,027 peak concurrent players, with about 195 million hours played. As of the time of writing, it is regularly getting 300 thousand concurrent players daily on Steam Charts. Clearly, there’s something about Amazon Games’ flagship MMO that has captured and maintained the interests of players with different preferences all around the globe. Whether through the different PvE encounters you will experience throughout the levelling process, to the competitive PvP experience via open world flagging, fort capturing and the 50v50 wars, this GG Fridays will take you through the different aspects of New World, and hopefully help you find out if this is also the game for you.

The Beautiful Landscapes of Aeternum

The players of New World are thrust into the land of Aeternum, where demonic entities from the Corruption fester the land from the upper echelons of the Shattered Mountain, Ancient Guardians stand by in vigilance for a civilization long gone, the anguished souls of the Lost continue to roam around for unlucky adventurers, and the Angry Earth have no welcome visitors in their land, Dryads hunting and stalking those who would dare trespass Edengrove.

Here, players will explore, gather resources and fight for territories under the different factions vying for control over Aeternum. These are the faithful Covenant, the unyielding Marauders, and the crafty Syndicate. Players can opt to be a solo player or join or create their own company of up to 100 players. These companies have the power to own land, raise or lower taxes, provide
buffs to players in their lands, and much more that we’ll discuss in the latter section of the article.

So, what is there to do in Aeternum? First, there’s open world points of interest, or POIs, which contain chests containing loot used in the crafting system of the game, which is another beast on its own. Players will have to explore these locations during numerous quests in the game, as well as to stockpile on resources that they may need on other activities. With these locations come Aeternum’s deep and dark mysteries, where the player can uncover the island’s truth and the long history of its inhabitants – including the once-human vile creatures that infest the land.

From Zero to Hero

Doing plethora of quests and missions offered by New World allows the player to gain resources and earn levels. These levels let you to improve different core qualities of the character: Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, and Focus. Increasing or decreasing these attributes will define the strengths and weaknesses of the player and determines the effective playstyle and weapons the player can use. To add to that, the foraged materials during explorations can be crafted to hundreds of different armors and weapons. The kick, however, is that there are no NPC markets whatsoever in New World and it mainly focuses on its player-based economy.

From magical staffs, to handy gauntlets, and to smoothbore muskets, each weapon’s uniqueness can be further enhanced with their own mastery trees that allow specializations. Furthermore, the combat system is envisioned to be skill-based and high impact where positioning and timing will be crucial for the player to truly excel in the combat grounds. Lastly, the developers aim for the players to be creative with their builds and loadouts and reward those who prevail with their own unique loadouts.


New World dons itself with different PvE, PvP, and PvPvE multiplayer modes. The players may choose the traditional MMO dungeon in Expedition to uncover the truths behind the island’s mysteries, or engage in War Mode, a massive 50 versus 50 PvP battle between two factions and a contest of territory that will determine Aeternum’s future. They may also try out the game’s Invasion mode, a 50-player PvE survival in which the group should rally together and hold off hordes of monster enemies. For an unorthodox and a bit more complicated gameplay, players may opt for Outpost Rush, a 20 versus 20 PvP battle where you capture and defend outposts while also fighting computer-controlled enemies.

The Verdict

Being Amazon’s last-ditch effort to redeem its gaming development wing, New World seems to be growing as it becomes the current most-played game on Steam with 542,000 concurrent players and 620,000 people watching the game on Twitch and it seems to be attracting a lot more people. New World’s dependence on player base with its lack of NPC markets, and its fairly novel combat system makes it unique and different compared to older MMOs. If you’re a fan of MMOs and you appreciate the grind, this game is definitely for you. It has a lot to offer on the table and New Word has been promising since its release and remains to be so.