Welcome to the UP Alliance of Gamers’ Content Creator of the Month Highlight, a monthly series that aims to feature and highlight content creators from the organization’s members.

This month’s content creator is none other than UP Alliance of Gamer’s Goldkeeper and a part of batch Reload, Christianne Aurus Sawit, also known as Au!

Au is currently creating content for Sims 4 Builds and has plans to venture into Sims 4 Gameplay Challenges. Since she loves designing, she uses Sims as a platform to express her creativity. Her builds are inspired by architectural inspiration found on Pinterest or from other players’ builds. When she’s creating these spaces, she visualizes them as comfortable or crazy, as if she owns the place.

She aspires to create a community similar to that of famous Sims 4 content creators, which is full of design-savvy people who inspire one another.

Watch her Au-mazing content on her YouTube channel at https://youtube.com/channel/UCrBIxSfIpYlw-7VP1z1MkFA, where she uploads her content every other Thursday.