It’s that time of the year again, where hearts flutter with excitement and love. Whether you’re thinking of getting flowers or chocolates for someone you love, gearing up for a gaming spree with your friends, or spending the day completely alone at home, we at AG have just the games for you. Here are our picks for everyone in this upcoming day of hearts. Happy Valentine’s Day!


Great Games With the Player 2 of Your Life


Stardew Valley 


Stardew Valley’s relaxing setting can be enjoyed with other players, player 2 being your significant other. Work together to rebuild Pelican town’s rural beauty, meet a colorful cast of NPCs, and do nonchalant activities with each other. It’s the perfect life sim to experience with your S/O, as it features a fully-fledged night-day cycle, farming, fishing, mining, adventuring, anything you would want to do in a laid back manner. The prospect of building your dream farm, and living the dream life with your partner is great for Valentine’s day; you can even get married, how fitting!


Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes


Communication is key in a relationship, and what other situation would be more perfect to test this than bomb defusal? In Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, a pair is tasked with defusing a bomb with a short time limit. One of you is the manual reader, who has the specific instructions sheet that can guide the other, the diffuser, into successfully defusing the bomb. The catch is that the bombs have a randomized set of minigames for each level and the diffuser must communicate what they are looking at in order for the reader to give them the correct set of instructions. It tests your communication, your patience with each other, and your bond! A fun game fit for two.


Great Games For You and Friends


For The King


Not everyone has a special someone yet, so why not just spend the day with a bunch of great friends? A great game to gather around is a classic tabletop RPG, but this time without the table. At the time of writing, For the King was given out for free in the Epic Games store, allowing many to experience a turn based adventure rpg, emulating the classic Dungeons & Dragons feel and blending it with modern roguelike elements. Experience the game’s unique take on tabletop RPGs in 6 different campaigns that take you through different experiences as well. The maps in each campaign are procedurally generated and are unique with each playthrough of the campaign. It’s sure to be a lot of fun that can help you and the boys (or girls) forget about how you don’t have a discord lover on this day of hearts.

Sea of Thieves


What do you do with a brokenhearted sailor? You give him mates to sail with that’s what. Sea of Thieves is exactly as it sounds, a game about adventuring the seven seas with a group of mates roleplaying as pirates in an open world FPS for the ages. Enjoy singing to sea shanties in your discord call with your best friends as you pillage, plunder the lands, fighting both AI and other players gunning for all the wealth in the free ocean. Go through the Tall Tales mode to experience a story-driven campaign, or The Arena to sweat it out in a competitive PVP game mode. There’s lots of treasure to be dug up and claimed in this vast game, and it’s perfect for friends.


Games For Your Achy Breaky Heart




Going with the theme of love, Valentine’s can also mean giving yourself more love that you oh so deserve. Celeste integrates the theme of self-love and building character into the narrative and gameplay very seamlessly. Celeste is a fast-paced puzzle-platformer that’s all about the struggle of climbing your own mountain. It’s taking a look at the things you hate about yourself and learning to accept them for what they are. Everything from music to level layout is symbolic of your emotions, from fear and anxiety to happiness and peace. Mechanics such as double jumps, mid-air dashes and much more, all make for a rather fast-paced puzzle platformer with a heartfelt story. You’re sure to fall in love with the game, and maybe yourself too.


Hatoful Boyfriend

Image result for hatoful boyfriend


What’s  a Valentine’s game list without a dating sim? And Hatoful Boyfriend is a great choice for both a comedic and genuinely great dating sim. You are an anonymous girl studying in the first All boys only Pigeons academy. You encounter a bunch of pigeons who also happen to be really cute anime boys in disguise. As you build relationships with them, you uncover secrets about each other, and possibly the world. With a colorful cast of characters and alternative routes that can range from comical to straight-up horrific, Hatoful Boyfriend is definitely worth your time.