UP AG Discord Leaderboard

This is the leaderboard inside UP AG’s Discord economy.

Basic commands

!leaderboard – displays the leaderboard.
!money – check your points. You can also include the name of another player (!money @Iodized) to see another player’s personal and bank balance.
!deposit <amount> – store your earned points to your bank so that people can not !rob it from you. Remember though that you can not use these points until withdrawn and bank is charging you 5% of it as fee every 3 days.
!withdraw <amount> – withdraw an amount to use for buying something from the !store, gambling and trading.

Ways to earn points

If you want to reach the top of the leaderboard, here are the ways to earn points. However, take note that everyone loses 5% of their total points from stored in the bank every 3 days. We also encourage people to use the #earn-money channel for playing the game.

Safe ways to earn points.

  • Text chats will provide you a small passive amount of money once in a while.
  • !work will provide you income with a cool down.
  • Buying the Stock Market Book from the !store for 1,200,000 will provide you a passive income of 80,000 points each day.
  • Get a friend to trade you points by the command !give-money <member> <amount> (take note that you can only give points in hand and not stored in the bank).

Risky ways to earn points.

  • !slut (NSFW) can sometimes provide you points but can also make you lose points.
  • !crime has a higher risk of making you lose points but can also provide a higher amount of points.
  • !rob <member> gives you a chance to steal points not stored in bank of another member with a long cooldown. Chance of being fined are computed as: your networth / (their points + your networth)

Play games!

  • Games have an internal cooldown of 5 games per 10 minutes. The games are the following: !blackjack (max bet: 20,000), !cock-fight (max bet: 15,000), !roulette (max bet: 15,000), !russian-roulette (max bet: 150,000), !slot-machine (max bet: 15,000).

To play blackjack, type !blackjack <amount> or !bj <amount>.  The aim of blackjack is to beat the dealer’s hand, without going over 21, and with the least amount of cards.
!hit – take another card.
!stand – hold your cards and end your turn.
!double down – double your bet, and take 1 more card.
!split – split into two hands, only if you have two of the same card.

To play cock fight, you need to buy a chicken from the !store first. Bet on your chicken using !cock-fight <amount>.

To play roulette, put !roulette <bet> <either color, red or black, any numbers between 1-36 or a series of number between it, either odd or even>. Use !rouletteinfo to see the board. Other people can join the game for a while before the game starts. Sample commands are !roulette 100 odd, !roulette 100 3rd (which means you are betting on 25-36), !roulette 100 16 (huge payout if you win).

To play russian roulette, someone will start the game using the command !russian-roulette <bet>. Other people can join by betting the same amount then the creator can start the game anytime by typing !russian-roulette start. Only one wins and collect the money of everyone.

To play slot machine, just type !slot-machine <bet> and see if you win or lose.

Games on cooldown? Bet someone by rolling the !dice, maybe set up your own rules and make the other person pay up.

For more commands, visit https://unbelievaboat.com/commands