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Women in E-sports: The Overlooked Queens of the Gaming Industry

When it comes to E-sports, people think of world-famous rosters and players such as Valorant’s SEN TenZ, League of Legends’ T1 Faker, or DoTA 2’s OG N0tail. Now considered as a contemporary entertainment platform, the E-sports industry has generated over $1.08 billion of market revenue and is forecasted to grow as much as $1.62 billion […]

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So You Want to Stream Your Gameplay?

So you are interested in and want to try out streaming but don’t know where to start. You’re not sure what equipment you need to stream, where you can stream and how you can stream. This article hopes to show you the potential avenues of streaming and address some common misconceptions about streaming. Hardware and […]

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Eternal Return: Black Survival – A MOBA Twist on the Battle Royale Scene

The MOBA and Battle Royale genres are both new genres that took to the front stage of competitive gaming in the 21st century, so it was only a matter of time before someone asked the question: but why can’t we have both? Eternal Return: Black Survival is the answer to that question—or at least it […]

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