Author: Sid Avellana

I like games, writing, and theorycrafting.
Valheim: A Glimpse into the World of Viking

By February 24th, merely 22 days after Valheim’s release on Steam as early access, the developer, Iron Gate Studio, gladly announced that the game sold four million copies already. At the time of writing, a month after release, Valheim ranks third in terms of current player count, just below Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2. So is it worth it? Well, with a very convenient download size of only 1GB (considering our internet here) and a somewhat cheap price of Php 449.95, it might be the game that you and your squad can have fun together.

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Monster Hunter World Augmenting In Depth Guide and Theorycrafting Part 1

Augmenting is one of the end game of Monster Hunter World (next to pet collection of course) which will require you to hunt this so called Tempered Monsters in exchange of Streamstones. It is really grindy, so how do you make sure that each of your choices is correct?

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What is the Best Desktop CPU for Gaming?

Why Compare CPU and Not GPU? First of all, we are aware that most game utilizes the graphics card primarily. There are tons of tech review out there comparing the frame per seconds of graphics card and how they perform on a tons of games, but when it comes to cpu, you’ll just see them […]

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