Author: Samuel Evangelista

CONQuest Festival 2022: All You Need to Know

What was once a high school project by a group of people from Iloilo City in 2017, CONQuest Festival grew larger over the years with former volunteers now working full-time to provide us with their biggest event… yet. After a two-year hiatus, the dopest Gaming x Pop Culture x Web3 expo in the Philippines is […]

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The Unseen Pillars of Triumphs

In every esport tournament, players have to be at their best form and mentality if they want to win. They spend days practicing and forming strategies, as well as scrimming with other teams and reviewing gameplays or VODS for hours. Even then, they need to get enough rest for game day. These routines are administrated […]

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Spice Up Your Love Season with these Games!

Love season is finally here! During these tough times brought by the CoViD-19 pandemic, it has been difficult for people and lovers to connect and bond. Luckily, this February’s GG Fridays article will help you and your significant other find the perfect game for your online date night. For the singles out there, do not […]

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