Author: Patrick Jasper

I am just a man with a keen interest in games, films, and professional wrestling (not in that particular order).
Intel Under Fire for Inaccurate Benchmark Results

Intel recently commissioned Principled Technologies to conduct a benchmark test for their latest processor: the Intel Core i9-9900K. This study compared Intel’s processor against not only their own processors, but also their competitor’s (AMD) processor, in terms of . The results show that the i9-9900K outperformed the other processors across 19 games. It even managed to […]

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The Miucin Effect: Consequences of Plagiarism in the Video Game Community and Industry

As a UPLB student, the concept of plagiarism has been ingrained into my mind because of its importance in academic discourse.  Academics, journalism, and even social media are required to uphold the same integrity in stating their references, for good reason. Gaming is no different from them. As a relatively young form of media, video […]

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