Author: Andrei Joshua Gelaga

Andrei is someone who loves video games, their stories, and dives deep into game mechanics and mathematics. If you want to talk about anything game-related under the sun, he's your guy.
Unconquered and Unwavering: The Internet’s Leading Women Streamers

The Impact of Streaming Streaming has been a big part of the video game industry, bringing light to multiple obscure video games and putting them on the limelight, with the recent internet gaming phenomena that were Fall Guys and Among Us, and the longstanding Rocket League that also got a huge springboard from Twitch viewership, […]

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Women in E-sports: The Overlooked Queens of the Gaming Industry

When it comes to E-sports, people think of world-famous rosters and players such as Valorant’s SEN TenZ, League of Legends’ T1 Faker, or DoTA 2’s OG N0tail. Now considered as a contemporary entertainment platform, the E-sports industry has generated over $1.08 billion of market revenue and is forecasted to grow as much as $1.62 billion […]

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GG Fridays on Rollback Netcode in Fighting Games

Picture this: you’re itching for some Tekken so you boot up your PS4. You navigate straight to ranked, pick your custom Kazuya outfit, and wait to get matched. Now you’re up against a Law—a matchup you’re bitterly familiar with. Once you’ve gotten in, you win the first round, and then the second—you’re doing good! On […]

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Games From The Heart

It’s that time of the year again, where hearts flutter with excitement and love. Whether you’re thinking of getting flowers or chocolates for someone you love, gearing up for a gaming spree with your friends, or spending the day completely alone at home, we at AG have just the games for you. Here are our […]

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Eternal Return: Black Survival – A MOBA Twist on the Battle Royale Scene

The MOBA and Battle Royale genres are both new genres that took to the front stage of competitive gaming in the 21st century, so it was only a matter of time before someone asked the question: but why can’t we have both? Eternal Return: Black Survival is the answer to that question—or at least it […]

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GG Fridays on Genshin Impact: Remarkable Game, Not-so-remarkable Experience

You may have heard of Genshin Impact, a game that has recently taken the world by surprise. From its global release on September 28th up to present, it has approximately generated $60 million on the first week of release, as well as garnering 17 million downloads in its first 4 days. It has also remarkably […]

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