TENSURA: Isekai Memories: A Fresh Gacha Experience

The recently released gacha game based on the ever popular anime and light novel series Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken (That Time I Reincarnated as a Slime), or in short Tensura, is as of now one of the leading games in both the android and ios platforms, in terms of the gacha game genre. The pull from having the main draw of the game be a very popular anime is apparent in the fact that even before its official launch, there had been over a million pre-registered players waiting for the flood gates to open, and in the two weeks since its release on the 28th of October, the game has seen a steady increase in its player base, noted by its continued rise in both the android and ios charts, as well as the steady daily traffic seen in both the subreddit and the discord server. Noting this, we can denote that even if the game itself is based on a popular anime series, there still remains an element that can retain the initial interest of those who have tried, or are seeking to.

A Story That You May Know

Tensura: Isekai Memories, as noted above, is a game based on the ever popular anime series Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken which is further emphasized by the game’s story, and progression system implemented. Currently with the last story chapter unlocked, the game is set faithfully following the timeline of the first season of the anime series, with some extra original story chapters approved by the series original creator, Fuse. We can then assume that as more story chapters are unlocked, not only are we going to get story chapters that are going to cover the second season of the anime series, but also more original story chapters that could show some more interaction between the characters of the game.

Progression: From Hay to Concrete

Tensura: Isekai Memories also promotes a unique progression system tied to the lore of the game, which is the construction and development of the capital of Rimuru, from the beginning where the main character, Rimuru, took control of a small village of goblins, up until the city turned into a bustling capital filled with life. With the subsequent clears of story chapters comes with unlocking more and more buildings to be built, placed, and upgraded in your own version of Rimuru. With the town ever expanding, not only would more game features be unlocked to the player, but you can have the option to take a stroll around town and see the different buildings that you’ve constructed using Rimuru.

The Gacha Element

For those who are unaware of the gacha game genre, it is a game genre where the playable characters, and if included, augments in the form of weapons, armors, or powerups, for those characters are obtained through a drop-table lottery system of varying distributions using premium currency. Though the characters to be obtained are based on lottery, most modern gacha games implement a pity-rate system where there is either an increase in the chance to obtain the highest rarity character for each unsuccessful pull; or after a certain number of pulls, there is a guarantee that you can claim the character you are looking to get; or in the rarest case, both of these are implemented.

Now that that is out of the way, I am here to talk about the rates in which the highest rarity characters can be obtained in Tensura: Isekai Memories in comparison with other currently popular gacha games. To set the baseline, the maximum rarity that can be obtained through the gacha in the game is a 5*, noted in the game of having a 4% drop rate. This experience is further enhanced by the fact that the pity-rate system implemented is that of the claim style, that after 200-300 pulls in the gacha, you are given the opportunity to claim the featured character of your choice. In comparison, Genshin Impact, one of the most popular gacha games in recent history only has a 0.6% chance to obtain the highest rarity character. Even if the pity-rate system implemented in Genshin Impact is only up until 90 pulls, we have to take note that this claim is not guaranteed to be the featured character, but can also be other 5* not featured. 

Noting the comparison, statistically in 100 pulls, there are more 5*s that appear on the 100 pulls made in Tensura: Isekai Memories than in the 100 pulls made in Genshin Impact. This point wasn’t made to say that Tensura: Isekai Memories is a better game than Genshin Impact, but only to make note that different gacha games implement the gacha system in their own ways.

Concluding: Longevity

Tensura: Isekai Memories is, dare I say, a one of a kind game, noting from its source material, alongside its unique progression system, and as well as the generosity of its gacha system. With this mind, and the fact that the game released with an event containing original story interactions between the newly added character, Diablo (Kuro), and the cast, we can say that Tensura: Isekai Memories is going to last a long time with how BANDAI NAMCO is handling its production. On a side note, there is a big chance that swimsuits, and even holiday-themed costumes of the characters are going to be released with how gacha games are. So if you want to see your favorite Tensura character in a swimsuit, then better play the game before summer arrives.

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