Play In Results (Seoul)

Play-In is done (Oct 1 to Oct 7), and with its aftermath rose four teams that will prove themselves on the Group Stage. Out of 16 play-in qualified teams rose Cloud9 from NA LCS (3rd seed of North America),  Edward Gaming (3rd seed of  China), G2 Esports (3rd seed of Europe) and G-Rex (3rd seed of LMS region). Along with earning their spot for the group stage, they also proved that major regions are called major for a reason, since they’ve beaten all of the play in teams from wildcard regions.


Group Stage (Busan)

The next part of the tournament is the Group Stage (October 10 to October 17), in which the 16 qualified teams will be divided into 4 groups. Division is done in a way that no same region team will be included on the same group. During this stage, each team will fight all of the other team within the same group twice, with the top 2 of each group advancing to the Knockout Stage.

Each group roster is provided below:

Group A

  • Flash Wolves – LMS (Taiwan, Hongkong, Macau) 1st seed
  • Afreece Freecs – LCK (South Korea) 2nd seed
  • Phong Vũ Buffalo – VCS (Vietnam) only seed
  • G2 Esports – EU LCS (Europe) 3rd seed

Group B

  • Royal Never Give Up – LPL (China) 1st seed
  • Gen. G – LCK – (South Korea) 3rd seed
  • Team Vitality – EU LCS (Europe) 2nd seed
  • Cloud9 – NA LCS (North America) 3rd seed

Group C

  • kt Rolster – LCK (South Korea) 1st seed
  • MAD Team – LMS (Taiwan, Hongkong, Macau) 2nd seed
  • Team Liquid – NA LCS (North America) 1st seed
  • Edward Gaming – LPL (China) 3rd seed

Group D

  • Fnatic – EU LCS (Europe) 1st seed
  • 100 Thieves – NA LCS (North America) 2nd seed
  • Invictus Gaming – LPL (China) 2nd seed
  • G-Rex – MS (Taiwan, Hongkong, Macau) 3rd seed

For more information regarding the seeding and region qualifications, read here.


Knock Out Stage (Busan, Gwangju, Incheon)

Knockout Stage will be composed of Quarterfinals (Oct 20 – Oct 21, Busan), Semifinals (Oct 27 – Oct 28, Gwangju) and Finals (Nov 3, Incheon). The 8 qualifying teams will do a tournament single elimination brackets, with each match being a best of 5 series. The matchups will be decided by an on-stage draw, a day before the match.

Where to watch all of the matches? You can watch it on Lol Esports Youtube Channel here, Twitch Account or even the lolesports website,